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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Location - Navigating in Haeundae


a) Students each draw a map of Haeundae (or other well-known locale).

b) Show important landmarks on the map; e.g. the railway station; B&B Hotel; The Westin Chosun Beach Hotel; TGI Bar; MacDonalds ... etc.

c) Revise directional expressions: e.g. turn left/right at ________ ; go straight ahead for
______ meters; then/next/after that ; it is opposite/ next to/ near ________; follow the main road for _______ meters; you will see the ____ [MacDonald's sign] ____ on your left/right ; walking, it will take you about ______ minutes; if you catch a taxi, the fare will be about _____

d) The teacher plays stupid, and individual students come to the front of the class to offer directions from point A to point B. Other students may promp them. The activity may be played as a team sport, with a panel of judges for selecting the best directions.


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