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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

The Hotel Awful - Foreign Visitor

a) Reading

It was a normal day in the Hotel Awful. Mrs Muck was scraping chewing gum off the lobby carpet and grumbling. Kim Spark was whistling while he pulled a light switch to pieces. Pink Babe was filing her fingernails at the reception desk.

Suddenly there was a man standing outside the glass lobby door. Well, it might have been a man. This was mid-winter and the air outside was freezing. Inside wasn't too warm either. The manager, Mr Grovel, kept turning the heating off to save money, but Pink Babe always turned it on again when he wasn't looking. Pink Babe said that the cold was bad for her complexion.

Anyway, the glass lobby door was all misted up, except where little rivulets of water ran down the glass. The figure which might have been a man made a kick at the glass door, but it didn't move .... [to be continued..]


"The Hotel Awful - Foreign Visitor" copyrighted to Thor May 2001; all rights reserved

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