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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

The Hotel Awful - Confusion

a) Characters

1. Mr Summers, a very rude American guest
2. Choi Sorry, a very confused hotel shop assistant

b) Language Note

"buddy" - friend (American male) . Said directly to a stranger
it is over-familiar, and can be aggressive

"honey" - my darling (American). Term of endearment to a
woman. Said directly to an non-intimate woman by a man, it is
over-familiar, and can be agressive

c) Dialogue

Choi Sorry: Can I help you sir?

Mr Summers: I'm looking for aspirin

Choi Sorry: There's no Mr Asipiri here, I'm sorry

Mr Summers: No, no. ASPIRIN. I want to buy some aspirin

Choi Sorry: Uh, um, asipilin ?? We don't sell that.

Mr Summers: Oh damn! Do you have something for a headache? My head is killing me .....

Choi Sorry: Oh dear! A head person wants to kill you ?!?
I'll call the police at once.

Mr Summers: Jesus! Don't you people talk English? Hey, look THERE ! Under your counter ! I want to buy THAT !

Choi Sorry: Aaah, you want ASPIRIN ....

Mr Summers: That's what I said buddy (honey). How much?


"The Hotel Awful - Confusion" copyrighted to Thor May 2001; all rights reserved

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