Shopping -  Thor May

ref. Heaton, "Composition Through Pictures", page 16

1. Some people like to go shopping, but some people hate it.
2. Usually it is less crowded in indoor shops than in the market. However, the market is sometimes cheaper.
3. The market is a good place for 'people watching', and the stall displays can be very colourful.
4. In shops, though the prices are higher, the goods are usually of guaranteed quality.
5. Indoor shops are the best place to buy things when hygiene control is important. Thus, this is where you find cakes, bread, and meat.
6. However, the market is an especially good place to buy fresh produce, like fruit and vegetables.
7. Sometimes farmers bring their goods to markets directly, and they are usually willing to bargain.
8. Pre-packaged and manufactured goods are usually found in shops, and their prices are about the same everywhere.
9. When imported goods compete with local goods, the competition may be very strong and you can get bargains.

10. Some lucky people who travel overseas can buy expensive things like cameras more cheaply in other countries.


Extra tasks

1. Memorize the text for telling

2. Write some sentences to compare shopping in Korean markets to shopping in a supermarket..

3. Answer the questions on the picture page

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