Living With The Sea   -  Thor May

J.B. Heaton, "Composition Through Pictures", p. 10

1. Hundreds of towns and cities depend upon the sea, but the sea has many moods.

2. Although some harbours may be quite exposed to choppy water, they may still have wharves and warehouses for many freighters.

3. In some countries, pleasure boats like yachts and small motor boats might still go out in rough weather.

4. The Mediterranean Sea is much calmer, with many islands.

5. Often a small island will have a single pier to unload the weekly supply freighter.

6. Such islands usually have a fleet of small fishing trawlers.

7. Even poor people can take the family out in a rowing boat with a bottle of wine and a picnic lunch.

8. Fifty years ago people also traveled a lot by ship, but nowadays they usually prefer to fly.

9. However we will always depend upon the sea for fish, and for transporting heavy goods.

10. Anyway, cities where the mountains fall into the sea are more beautiful than inland cities, don't you think?


Extra tasks

1. Tell the story from memory.

2. Write some sentences about the seas and harbours around Korea.

3. Answer the questions on the picture page

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