Rain    -  Thor May

ref.Heaton, "Composition Through Pictures", page 2

1. It is raining cats and dogs.

2. Most pedestrians have umbrellas, but the road is covered in pools* of water.

3. One sports car driver is driving too quickly through the puddles*, and too close to the kerb.

4. His car splashes the pedestrians and drenches a cyclist.

5. He also splashes a lady who is waiting to cross the road at a zebra crossing.

6. The driver thinks it is funny, but everyone else is angered. [... by his behaviour]

7. Actually, his careless driving could cause an accident.

8. Then suddenly the sports car is overtaken by a bus.

9. The driver of the sports car is drenched by water splashing from the wheels of the bus.

10. He is furious, but the people in the bus think it is very funny.


Extra exercises


1. Tell the story from memory

2. Who might say these words ? =>

Hey! What do you think you are doing ?!!

Did you get his number ?

What an animal ! He has no consideration for anyone else.

Ha ha. Now that's what I call an eye for an eye ...


3. Write the story without looking at the text. Begin with "Yesterday...."

4. Answer the questions on the picture story page.

"Rain" copyrighted to Thor May; all rights reserved 2002

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