An Exam For The Postman  -  Thor May

ref. Heaton, "Composition Through Pictures", page 12

An Exam for the Postman
1. "Now Mr Porter, I'm going to ask you a few questions about Hopeville."
2. "Well, that should be easy. I grew up here."
3. "Yes, but we have to be sure that you can deliver the mail properly."
4.  "Suppose you are at the railway station. What is the quickest way to Lion Terrace?."
5. "Hmm. From the station entrance you turn right, then right again into Fir Road. Follow Fir Road across the river, and Lion Terrace is, um, the second street on the right after the river."
6. "Very good. Now suppose you have a parcel for City Gardens newsagency."
7. "Ah, well, from Lion Terrace I would have to retrace my steps to the railway station. Just past the station, I would tun left into Railway Avenue, and continue for four blocks to City Gardens. "
8. "Excellent. By the way, is the Catholic church at City Gardens?"
9. "No, the church is a block west from City Gardens, on Hope Avenue."
10. "Well Mr Porter, you certainly seem to know your way around this town. You shouldn't have any trouble doing the job."

Extra tasks

1. Memorize the text for telling

2. Write some test questions for a postman in Bansong-dong

3. Answer the questions on the picture page

"An Exam For The Postman" copyrighted to Thor May; all rights reserved 2002

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