Monkey talk    -   Thor May

J.B. Heaton, "Composition Through Pictures", p. 16 

  1. Hey Bozo, what are those two foreign hunters doing in the jungle?

  2. Brother Bongo, you know that foreign hunters are complete idiots. They dress like clowns and make enough
    noise to scare away a herd of water buffalo.

  3. I know what they are up to... See, they are following the tracks of Manmunch, the tiger.

  4. They are nuts. The tiger will eat them for breakfast.

  5. Foreign hunters are always too stupid to know that. Don't you remember the pair who came here last year?

  6. Yeah, their bones are down by the swamp. The ants had a lovely supper after Manmunch finished eating the good bits.

  7. Ha ha. There's the tiger, crouching in that clearing over there.

  8. Bongo, now the fun will really begin. Would you like a bet on which one the tiger will eat first?

  9. OK, I'll bet a bunch of bananas he takes the big one first. Hey! They have seen the tiger!

  10. Ha ha. One roar and they take to their heels. See, the big one has thrown away his rifle already...

Extra tasks

1. Memorize the text for telling

2. Write a conversation between two seagulls watching some people on the beach..

3. Answer the questions on the picture page


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