Father & Son Picture Stories  Thor May
based on Vater und Sohn wordless cartoons by Erich Ohser (1903-1944)
published in the PRC in Chinese 1989  isbn 7-506-1920-6/J.74
Fishy Story

S: Wow dad! You caught a fish. What sort of fish is it?

F: It's a trout for our dinner. Now we'll take it home in the bucket to keep it fresh.

S: Gee dad! It's still swimming around in the bucket. Do you think it has any brothers and sisters?

F:  You can't be sentimental about a fish son. Now I'll cut off its head and gut it...

S: Wah! Dad, I hate you! Why are you going to murder this poor fish? Its mummy is waiting for it...

F: Right then. No dinner for you!. We'll take the fish back to its mummy ..

S: Let's hurry before the sun goes down. All the fish's brothers and sisters will be going home now..

F: Splash! There your fish is free again.

S: Wah ! Dad, this is horrible! That nasty big fish just ate our little fish. Why don't you do something?

F: Well, would you like a big fish for dinner?

"Fishy Story " copyrighted to Thor May; all rights reserved 2002

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