Father & Son Picture Stories  Thor May
based on Vater und Sohn wordless cartoons by Erich Ohser (1903-1944)
published in the PRC in Chinese 1989  isbn 7-506-1920-6/J.74
Fence Flier

1. F: Well son! This is the life! That's right -- keep your arms out like a bird flying. Keep your balance on the fence. See it's easy.

2. S:  Hey dad! I'm going to be a famous acrobat. I want to work in a huge circus tent.

3. F: Now son, get ready for the big dive. Just think we're up on the high wire, and the crowd is roaring below us...

4. S:  I'm going to fly! They are all waiting for us... Ready..... Set......

5. O: You two! Get off that fence at once! It's against the regulations to walk on the fence. Why are you giving a bad example to this child sir?
We have to be strict with the younger generation ....

6. F:  I'm sorry we upset you, officer.

7. O: Well don't let it happen again!

[2 minutes later]

8. F: Is he gone? Come on son, hop up on that fence again. Never let an idiot spoil your day.

9. S: Yes dad. I promise not to be a policeman when I grow up.


"Fence Flier " copyrighted to Thor May; all rights reserved 2002

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