Father & Son Picture Stories  Thor May
based on Vater und Sohn wordless cartoons by Erich Ohser (1903-1944)
published in the PRC in Chinese 1989  isbn 7-506-1920-6/J.74
Dinner Time

W: The food is getting cold on the table. Where is your son?

F: How should I know? Oh, alright. I'll see what he is up to...

W: I don't know what is wrong with that boy. He never does what he is told.

F: Son, what are you doing? Dinner is on the table.

S: Gee dad, this book is really interesting. The prisoner just escaped....

F:  Put it away son! If your mother comes in here, she will be really cross.

S. Alright dad. I'm going....

[5 minutes later...]

M: Now where's your father! Our dinner will be stone cold.

S: I don't know mum. I left him in the bedroom.

M: [sigh] Son, go and fetch your father.

S: Dad, what are you doing. Mum is really annoyed.

F: Oh, darn it. This is a really interesting book, isn't it....

"Dinner Time " copyrighted to Thor May; all rights reserved 2002

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