Fishing   -  Thor May

J.B. Heaton, "Composition Through Pictures", p. 6

1. Some children were swimming in a river where an old man was fishing.

2. "What will you catch here?", a small boy and girl asked him.

3. "Well," he said slowly, " sometimes I catch some trout for dinner, and sometimes a catfish."

4. "Catfish?" cried the children, "yuk!" They were not very polite children..

5. Meanwhile, another small boy was swimming down the river.

6. When he saw the old fisherman he had a mischievous idea.

7. He dived to the bottom of the river and attached an old boot to the fishing line.

8. Of course, the old fisherman was quite excited and thought he had caught a bit fish.

9. He was quite disappointed to pull up the old boot, but the children laughed very much.

10.The naughty boy who played the trick swam away quickly.


Extra Tasks

1. Tell the story from memory.

2. Write the story out without looking at the text. Invent a surprise ending for the story.

3. Answer the questions on the picture page.

"Fishing" copyrighted to Thor May; all rights reserved 2002

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