Camping Holiday   -  Thor May

J.B. Heaton, "Composition Through Pictures", p. 9

1. A teacher, Mr Song, and his wife, have taken some boys camping, but it is not very relaxing.

2. They just get a camp fire going when it begins to rain.

3. One kid climbs a tree and grabs the clothes line, which breaks.

4. An angry bull chases three other boys, who are very afraid.

5. In the next field, a local farmer is shaking his stick angrily at three more boys.

6. He shouts, "If I catch you here again I'll tan your hides!"

7. It is a beautiful area of hills and valleys, but now the sun has gone behind a cloud.

8. Poor Mr Song is very unhappy because nothing is going right.

9. He had planned to go cycling with the boys in the afternoon.

10. Maybe that will cause more problems, so it might be best to go home.


Extra tasks

1. Tell the story from memory.

2. Write the story without looking at the picture or text. Begin the story with "Last weekend ..."

3. Answer the questions on the picture page.

"Camping Holiday" copyrighted to Thor May; all rights reserved 2002

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