A Day At The Beach
(ref. Heaton, “Composition Through Pictures”, page 1)

Thor May; translation by 박준영

1. It is a beautiful day at the beach.

아름다운 해수욕장 풍경입니다 .

2. Many people are enjoying the sunshine.

일광욕을 즐기는 사람들이 많이 보입니다 .

3. One small boy is burying his father’s legs in the sand.

한 남자 꼬마는 아빠 다리에 모래를 쌓고 있네요 .

4. Some other children are throwing a beach ball.

비치볼을 갖고 노는 아이들도 있습니다 .

5. The ball knocks off a fat man’s sunglasses.

어떤 뚱보 아저씨 선글라스가 비치볼에 맞아 떨어집니다 .

6. The fat man is reading a newspaper.

그 뚱보 아저씨는 신문을 읽고 있어요 .

7. Two other men are using a cine camera.

영화 카메라로 뭔가를 찍고 있는 두 아저씨도 있네요 .

8. They are filming a life guard who is running to the water.

바다로 달려가고 있는 인명구조원을 찍고 있군요 .

9. In the water a girl is waving her arms for help.

물속에서 여자애 한 명이 도와달라고 팔을 휘젓고 있네요

10. Maybe she is drowning.

물에 가라앉지 않으려 허우적대고 있는 것 같습니다 .

11. Another three swimmers are swimming out to the raft.

다른 세 사람은 고무보트를 향해 헤엄치고 있습니다 .

12. The raft is already very crowded.

고무보트는 벌써 만원입니다 .

13. There seem to be about sixteen or more people on the raft.

열예닐곱 명이 타고 있는 것 같습니다 .


1. Tell the story from memory.

2. Who might ask these questions ? =>What is going on over there?Who is that guy running down to the water?How many people do you think are on that raft?

3. Write this story again without looking at the text. Begin with the words "Yesterday ...."

4. Answer the questions in the picture story.

"A Day At The Beach" copyrighted to Thor May 2005; all rights reserved

text byThor May; translation by 박준 영
( Wordsworth Translation & Publishing Services, www. wordsworth.co.kr)

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