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The Ghost With The Most

by Arden Davidson

"Boo! Boo Hoo!",
cried the ghost with the most.
No one comes to visit me,
though I'm the perfect host.

I decorate with cobwebs,
sweep the spiders under the rug,
Yet no one ever offers me
a kind word or a hug.

I don't know what the reason is.
I don't know what could cause it,
'Cause I always, yes I always
keep my skeletons in the closet.

Sure, I may look scary
but if someone really knew me,
they wouldn't be afraid
'cause they could see
right through me.

Arden Davidson 1998


by Arden Davidson

I can't. I quit.
I won't. That's it.
I'm done. I'm through.
No more.

No chance. I'm gone.
Forget it. So long.
Goodbye. I'm out
the door.

Drop it. Leave it.
Not maybe. No, never!
Not ever. No way.
No how.

You can't get me,
just 3 foot 3
to milk that
angry cow.

Arden Davidson 1998

I Love You Not

by Bruce Lansky

I love you I love you,
I love you so well,
if I had a skunk
I would give you a smell.

If I were a dog
I would give you a bite.
If I were a witch
I would give you a fright.

If I were a bathtub
I'd give you a splash.
If I were a fungus
I'd give you a rash.

I love you so much
that I won't tell a lie,
I promise we'll marry
the day that I die.

Bruce Lansky Reprinted from Poetry Party, published by Meadowbrook Press

by Kenn Nesbitt

My aunt calls me "Elizabeth."
My grandma calls me "Liz."
My sister calls me "Lisa,"
and the baby calls me "Wiz."

My uncle calls me "Betty,"
while my grandpa calls me "Beth."
My brother calls me "Dizzy Liz"
or sometimes "Lizard Breath."

My teacher calls me "Betsy,"
and my friends all call me "Bess."
I find these nicknames more annoying
than you'd ever guess.

I wish that they would call me
by my real name instead.
I simply hate those nicknames;
see, my real name is Fred.

Kenn Nesbitt Reprinted The Aliens Have Landed!, published by Meadowbrook Press


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