Tasks & Role Plays from Yuko 5 , chapters 3 & 4 - Thor May 2007

Use the hints below to make two conversations : a) an imaginary conversation when Mr Kim takes Susan's photograph (Chapter 3); b) an imaginary conversation when Mr Kim and Jin Young wonder how to stay safe in America (Chapter 4).

a) The Photograph and a Lost Camera

A] [Mr Kim asks the girl to take a photo with him]

B] [ The girl is surprised but agrees]

A] [ Mr Kim asks nicely for the girl's name and address]

B] [ The girl gives her name and address]

C] [ Jin Young says he will send the photo]

A] [ Mr Kim says no, he will do that]

C] [ Jin Young says his camera is missing]

A] [ Mr Kim tells a park official about the missing camera]

D] [ The park official says they probably won't get the camera back]

b) Mr Kim and Jin Young talk about safety in America

K] [ Mr Kim says the envelope was in a restaurant, so they got it back. In a train or station they wouldn't have got it back.]

JY] [ Jin Young says this is confusing]

K] [ Mr Kim says you can leave your bag while you go to a rest room in Korea. You can't do this in other countries (he says)].

JY] [ Jin Young asks how they can keep their things safe in America]

K] [ Mr Kim says you should not leave your luggage next to you. You should put it between your legs].

JY] [ Jin Young says the advice is good]

K] [ Mr Kim proudly says he has a lot of American experience]

JY] [ Jin Young sarcastically says that Mr Kim has only been to America twice, for two weeks]

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