Tasks & Role Plays from Yuko 5 , chapter 3 - Thor May 2007

1. Come to the cashier of a restaurant. Ask what "V.A.T." (tax) on the bill means. Ask if you can pay with a credit card. The cashier politely says they don't accept American Express cards.

2. The ticket inspector on a British train asks to see your ticket. You don't have a ticket and make an excuse. The inspector says you will have to pay a fine. You say you don't have that much money with you. He asks for your ID your British address.

Ticket inspector :
[oh, no! + excuse]
Ticket inspector :
[no money]
Ticket inspector :
[I.D. + address !]

3. You ask a stranger to take your photo at a scenic spot. She agrees, but says she doesn't understand how your camera works. You explain the zoom button and the shutter button. She asks you to smile and takes the photo. You thank her and ask where a bus stop is.

4. You tell a policeman in the street that your camera was stolen. He asks where and when it was stolen. You tell him you left it on a park bench ten minutes ago. He tells you to make a report at the police station.

5. Your friend says she is tired and wants to go back to the hotel. You say it is a beautiful day and want to do some sightseeing. She says she has a blister from walking. Point to a cafe across the park and suggest having a cool drink and a rest.


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