Tasks & Role Plays from Yuko 5 chapter 2 Thor May 2006

1. a) Call a taxi. Tell the driver you want to go to your apartment.

b) The driver asks you the address.

c) Give the address politely. Ask the driver what he thinks about the government.

d) The driver gives you his opinion.


2. a) Stop a stranger on the street and ask him for walking directions to the post office.

b) The stranger gives you directions.


3. a) You and your friend are in a strange city. Tell your friend you are lost and ask him what to do.

b) Your friend gives his opinion about how to get back to your hotel.

c) Agree or disagree with your friend's opinion.


4. a) Tell the receptionist in a company that you want to see the general manager.

b) The receptionist asks you why you want to see the general manager.

c) Give the receptionist a reason.

d) The receptionist says the general manager is not available now and suggests you make an appointment.



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