Narrative Description of Yuko 5, chapter 3 - Thor May 2007

Narrative, Part One -- Solving a Social Problem

1. Mr Kim and Jinyoung are in the street of an American city.

2. This is Jinyoung's first time in America.

3. He wants to find a toilet, but Mr Kim says there is no toilet nearby.

4. Jinyoung thinks he can go in the shadow of a building, but Mr Kim says he will be fined.

5. Jinyoung asks if a policeman is watching them, but Mr Kim thinks they don't look like suspicious people.

6. Mr Kim says they have a problem. He can't see any department stores.

7. They ask the owner of a restaurant if they can use the toilet.

8. The owner says it is in the back of the restaurant on the left

9. Mr Kim has a cup of coffee while Jinyoung is away.


Narrative, Part Two -- The Documents are Lost !

1. Jinyoung then asks if they should go back to the hotel.

2. Mr Kim suggests they should go sightseeing straight away.

3. Jinyoung says that he has his camera ready.

4. Mr Kim comments that Jinyoung was thinking of leisure, even though they came on business.

5. Jinyoung replies that they are overseas, and also he has a reliable guide called Mr Kim.

6. Jinyoung asks if they should leave the documents in the hotel.

7. Mr Kim says no. It is safer to keep the documents with them at all times.

8. Jinyoung asks Mr Kim what the matter is.

9. Mr Kim says that the documents are gone!

10. Jinyoung tells Mr Kim to calm down.

11. He suggests that the documents might be at the reception desk in the office building, or maybe in a restaurant'

12. Mr Kim remembers that he left the documents in the restaurant where Jinyoung used the toilet.


Part Three -- A Man Almost Steals the Documents

1. Mr Kim tells the restaurant owner that they lost something.

2. The restaurant owner asks what it was.

3. Mr Kim says that it was a brown envelope, and he points to where they left it.

4. Mr Kim sees a man with the envelope and calls out.

5. The man asks them to prove they own the envelope.

6. Mr Kim says that it has a rabbit sticker on the back.

7. At first the man says that there is no sticker on the envelope. However, he sees a policeman and suddenly gives the envelope back.

8. Jinyoung suggests that they go back to the hotel and put the documents in a safe.

9. Mr Kim agrees with that.


Part Four -- Taking a Photograph Leads to a Problem

1. Jinyoung takes Mr Kim's photograph, but includes two strangers kissing in the background.

2. The kissing couple are angry, so Jinyoung apologizes.

3. Mr Kim advises Jinyoung to ask permission next time.

4. Jinyoung then asks a pretty lady's permission to take her photograph.

5. She is surprised, but then agrees to take a photo together.

6. The lady asks Jinyoung to send a copy of the photo later. She gives her address, and says that her name is Susan.

7. Mr Kim tells Jinyoung that he will take care of sending the photo.

8. Jinyoung is annoyed about this, and they begin to argue.

9. Suddenly Mr Kim notices that the camera is gone.

10. They tell a park official about the lost camera, but he says they are unlikely to get it back.

11. Mr Kim and Jinyoung are upset about losing the camera and the photo of Susan.

Task :

Make up a speaking scene for each paragraph above. Act out the speaking scenes.

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