Yuko 5 - Chapter 2 - Narrative -- Finding an Address Thor May 2006

1. My Kim and Jin Young wanted to deliver some documents. Then their job would be done.

2. Their map said the company was close. Jin Young wanted to catch a taxi, but Mr Kim said they should walk.

3. They got lost. They asked someone where the Monkey Bridge Building was.

4. The man gave them complicated directions. They got lost again.

5. Mr Kim asked another person how to get to 45th Street. He thought Mr Kim said 55th Street.

6. They came to a dangerous looking street called Lanehill Street. A man there showed them where to get on a bus.

7. They got on the wrong bus. They got off the bus near their starting point, their hotel.

8. The receptionist in the hotel called them a taxi.

9. They told the receptionist in E&H that they had an appointment with the president.

10. The receptionist told them the president was sick. They should come again tomorrow.



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