Narrative Description of Yuko 5, chapter 1 - Thor May 2006

1. Mr Kim and Jin Young must go to America with some important documents.

2. Jin Young speaks no English, but he is an optimist. Mr Kim’s wife asks Jin Young (in a letter) to praise Mr Kim.

3. Mr Kim is a pessimist. He hates this job because his English is poor. He sees many bad luck omens.

4. Jin Young and Mr Kim book into a hotel for two nights. They take a twin room. Mr Kim always holds onto the important papers, even in the shower !

5. Their room number is 666. This is an unlucky number. The room has many problems.

6. The room heater will not work. The air conditioner only blows cold air. They complain to the receptionist.

7. Mr Kim tries to take a shower. He is still holding the documents. The shower scalds (‘boils’ ) him with hot water.

8. Mr Kim and Jin Young go to bed, but they can’t sleep. Somebody is having a party in the next room. They ask to change rooms.

9. Mr Kim sees lights in the window of the new room. He shouts FIRE! and they run out of the room. He wakes up the other guests. However, the lights are only fireworks.

10. Mr Kim and Jin Young accidentally lock themselves out of their room. They are in pyjamas, and have no ID. The receptionist opens their door with a master-key.


Task :

Make up a speaking scene for each paragraph above. Act out the speaking scenes.


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