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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

HOw to Rollerblade


+ Hey, these rollerblades were so cheap I had to buy them. Now I'm scared to use the things.

- Ah, it's easy. Any kid can do it. What did you pay for them?

+ Fifteen thousand won. Ridiculous eh? But the kid's are smarter than I am.

- Yeah, that was a bargain alright. Well, the first thing to do is buy some protective pads.

+ I've done that. All the gear cost me as much as the blades themselves.

- Well, now find yourself a nice, quiet, level bit of bitumen. You could also begin in your lounge room and hang      onto a chair !

+ Hmm, I've already tried hanging onto a chair. But when I start to roll I can't stop ! I've even fallen over a     couple of times in the lounge room.

- There are a few ways to stop. There is a rubber brake on the heel. Also, you can swivel around on one foot.    Finally, you can put your wheels against the line of travel.

+ I don't understand that. - I mean, you turn sideways so the wheels can't roll. That's not very good for the    wheels though.

+ I think I'd just fall over.

- Yes, it takes some practice. Falling over on a road is not as soft as falling over in the snow !


1. Listen to native speakers saying this dialogue (if you can). Try to copy their intonation.

2. Memorize the conversation. Practice it with a partner

3. Make a sentence skeleton, using the first letter of each word [e.g. h-t-r-b-w-s-c-i-h-t-b-t]

4. Test your memory of the dialogue within 24 hours. Use the sentence skeleton for to help with the test. (If you don't do this, you will forget about 80%).

5. Make up some more instructions for rollerblading.

"How to Rollerblade" copyrighted to Thor May 2004; all rights reserved

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