The Pickle Factory Interview

Thor May; translation by 박준영

+ Good morning Mr. Chu.

반갑습니다 .

We are very pleased that you could come for an interview.

이렇게 면접을 보러 와 주셔서 감사합니다 .

I am the personnel manager of the Excellent Pickle Company.

저는 EPC 의 인사과장입니다 .

- How do you do Mr. Lu.

안녕하세요 .

I am pleased to be here.

처음 뵙겠습니다 .

+ Well to begin, let me ask you about your experience in the pickle business.

먼저 김치가공업 관련 경험에 대해 좀 말씀해 주시겠습니까 ?

- I have been eating pickled radishes for twenty years Mr. Lu.

저는 무를 20 년간 먹었습니다 .

I can also recognize at least twenty different kinds of kimchi.

그리고 20 여종의 김치를 감별할 수 있습니다 .

+ Hmm. That’s very interesting Mr. Chu.

음 . 그러시군요 .

I really wanted to know about your professional employment in the pickle business.

근데 제가 물은 건 김치회사에서 일한 경력 말씀입니다만 .

- I used to help my mother prepare kimchi for every winter.

저는 겨울마다 어머니가 김장할 때 도와드렸습니다 .

I was especially good at washing cabbages.

배추 씻기가 제 특기였고요 .

She paid for me to visit the PC Cafe when I did that.

제가 배추 씻으면 어머니가 PC 방 갈 돈을 주셨지요 .

+ Ah, OK, I see…. Mr. Chu, what are your educational qualifications?

아 , 알겠습니다 . 학교는 어딜 나오셨지요 ?

- My middle school teachers always said I was smart.

제 중학교 선생님들이 저 보고 똑똑하다고 하셨어요 .

I made the best paper aeroplanes.

제가 종이비행기를 제일 잘 만들었거든요 .

+ Thank you Mr. Chu. We will be in touch with you. Goodbye.

고맙습니다 . 또 연락 드리기로 하지요 . 안녕히 가세요 .

The Love Club Interviews Mr. Chu

+ Thank you for choosing our service Mr. Chu.

저희 회사를 찾아 주셔서 감사합니다 .

We can guarantee to find you the perfect marriage partner.

선생님께 꼭 맞는 배우자를 반드시 찾아 드리겠습니다 .

- That’s just what I want madam - the perfect marriage partner.

꼭 맞는 배우자 그게 바로 제가 원하는 거에요 .

I hope you have plenty to choose from.

선택할 여자들은 많이 있겠죠 ?

+ Yes, we have many attractive young ladies on our books Mr. Chu.

그럼요 . 멋진 여자 회원들이 많이 있답니다 .

What exactly are you looking for?

특별히 원하시는 조건이 있으신가요 ?

- Well, she has to be young and beautiful; I mean really sexy.

젊고 예쁘고 진짜 섹시해야죠 .

She should like me.

저를 좋아해야 되고요 .

She must have an independent income of at least ten million won a month.

그리고 한 달 수입이 천만 원은 돼야죠 .

+ Hmm. What do you have to offer the young lady, Mr Chu?

음 . 선생님께선 그런 여자분께 뭘 제공하실 수 있지요 ?

- Well, as you can see, I am handsome, young and ambitious.

보시다시피 제가 인물 좋고 젊고 야심만만하지 않습니까 .

One day I might even have a job and some money.

거기다 나중에 취직해서 돈을 벌 지도 모르고요 .

+ I see.

알겠습니다 .

You are looking for a beautiful, stupid, rich young girl to marry a broke, unemployed boy.

무일푼 무직자하고 결혼할 돈 많고 예쁘고 멍청한 여자를 찾으시는군요 .

Is that correct?

맞나요 ?

- You understand me perfectly.

바로 그겁니다 .

+ I am giving you your money back Mr. Chu.

가입비는 돌려드리겠습니다 .

This is the real world.

여긴 꿈나라가 아니랍니다 .


1. Listen to native speakers saying this dialogue (if you can). Try to copy their intonation.
2. Memorize the conversation. Practice it with a partner
3. Make a sentence skeleton, using the first letter of each word [e.g. g-m-m-c-w-a-v-p-y-c-c-f-a-i....]
4. Test your memory of the dialogue within 24 hours. Use the sentence skeleton for to help with the test. (If you don't do this, you will forget about 80%).


Extension Activity

a) Make up your own English sentences with the speech-frames below; (these frames come from the conversation above).
b) Try to join all the speech-frames into one story (if you are clever!).

1. We are pleased that ________________________

2. I am the ____________________________

3. I hope you have ________________________

4. Let me ask you about ________________

5. I have been eating __________________ for _______________

6. I can recognize __________ kinds of _____________

7. I really wanted to know about ___________________

8. I used to _______________________________

9. I was especially good at _______________________________

10. We can guarantee to _____________________

11. I hope you have __________________

12. She must have _________________________

13. She has to be ___________________________

14. One day I might ____________________________


"Pickle Factory Interview" copyrighted to Thor May 2005; all rights reserved

text byThor May; translation by 박준 영
( Wordsworth Translation & Publishing Services, www.

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