Mr. Magoo is Confused

Thor May; translation by 박준영


+ Oh dear, I’m really confused.

여보 , 정말 헷갈려 .

Should I put on my shirt first or my trousers first?

셔츠를 먼저 입어야 할지 바지를 먼저 입어야 할지 말이야 .

- It doesn’t matter, Mr. Magoo.

상관 없어요 .

Just DO it, or we’ll be late.

아무렇게든 입기나 해요 . 늦겠어요 .

+ Could you give me a hand Mrs. Magoo?

나 좀 도와줄래요 , 여보 ?

Now these trousers won’t stay up while I put on my shirt.

셔츠를 입는 동안 자꾸 바지가 흘러내려 .

- Oh, you silly man!

아이구 , 멍청이 !

Zip up your trousers first, then put on your shirt.

바지 단추를 채우고 셔츠를 입으면 될 거 아니에요 .

+ Don’t be cross, Mrs. Magoo.

열 내지 마요 .

It’s bad for your digestion.

당신 속만 쓰리니까 .

But if I zip up my trousers, I can’t tuck in my shirt.

근데 바지 단추를 채우면 셔츠를 못 집어넣는데 .

- Oh my god! Why did I marry you Mr. Magoo?

아이구 맙소사 ! 내가 어쩌다 당신이랑 결혼했는지 .

I think I’m going to scream.

열불 터져서 정말 .

Mr. Magoo Fights a Vending Machine

+ Please tell me again officer, why are you arresting me?

내가 뭘 어쨌다고 체포하겠다는 거요 ?

- You attacked a vending machine with your umbrella, Mr. Magoo.

우산으로 자동판매기를 두들겨댔잖아요 .

+ It took my money, but didn’t give me a drink can officer.

내 돈만 삼키고 음료수를 안 내놓으니까 그렇죠 .

That’s not fair.

이런 개 같은 경우가 어디 있소 .

- It’s not a fair world Mr. Magoo.

그보다 더한 일도 많은 세상 아닙니까 .

Why didn’t you ring the vending company?

자판기회사에 전화를 걸지 그랬어요 .

+ My time is worth $10 a minute officer.

내가 1 분에 10 달러 버는 사람이오 .

And do you really think they’d refund the phone call?

더군다나 그 놈들이 전화료나 돌려준답니까 ?

- Hmm. Here’s a deal Mr. Magoo.

좋소 , 이렇게 합시다 .

If you tell me how I can earn $10 a minute, I’ll make you a free man again!

어떻게 하면 1 분에 10 달러 버는지 가르쳐 주면 없던 일로 해 주리다 .


1. Listen to native speakers saying this dialogue (if you can). Try to copy their intonation.
2. Memorize the conversation. Practice it with a partner
3. Make a sentence skeleton, using the first letter of each word [e.g. o-d-i-r-c-s-i-p-o-m-s-o-m-t-f]
4. Test your memory of the dialogue within 24 hours. Use the sentence skeleton for to help with the test. (If you don't do this, you will forget about 80%).

5. Make up another Mr. Magoo story.
6. Write down a list of things you can be arrested for. Why can you be arrested for these things?

Extension Activity

a) Make up your own English sentences with the speech-frames below;
   (these frames come from the conversations of "Mr Magoo" above).
b) Try to join all the speech-frames into one story (if you are clever!).

1. I'm really ________________________

2. Should I put on ____________ or ________________

3. These ________ won't _______________ while I _________

4. Zip up ________ first, then ________________

5. The ________ you need is _______________

6. Why did I _______________________

7. Why are you ___________________

8. It/he took _____________ but didn't __________________

9. Why didn't you _______________________________

10. Do you really think (that) _____________________

11. If you tell me how __________________, I will _______________


"Mr Magoo is Confused " copyrighted to Thor May 2005; all rights reserved

text byThor May; translation by 박준 영
( Wordsworth Translation & Publishing Services, www.

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