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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea


Speech frames (1) for Chungju students :

i) Make up your own English sentences with the speech-frames below;
ii) Try to join several speech-frames into one story (if you are clever!).

1. Join us for __________________________________

2. Walk across _______________________________

3. The trip takes ______________________________

4. You are sure to see ___________________________

5. If you _________________________________ , this is for you.

6. You can attend _______________________________

7. This is not for _______________________________

8. This is the perfect _________________________

9. You can explore _____________________________

10. I must go _________________________________

11. All I ask is _______________________________

12. There is a grey mist ________________________

13. _______________________ is a windy day

14. I think he wants _________________________

15. It used to be ________________________________


ICON - International Communication Through English *
by Donald Freeman, Kathleen Graves & Linda Lee; 2005
published by McGraw Hill (Asia), New York
ISBN 007-124079-9

"Speech Frames for ICON " copyrighted to Thor May 2006; all rights reserved

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