Ethnographic Project - Chungju - Thor May 2006
- a project for practicing questions

1. Imagine you are a PhD student in anthropology. Your thesis will be in English.

2. You have come to study Chungju as an example of a small Korean city at the beginning of the 21st Century. You want to understand everything about it as a functioning community.

3. You have to interview many people to get all the information you need. Below are some of the topics you might ask about. Maybe you will also think of other topics.

4. Family structures : nuclear and extended / age distribution / family member roles / births, marriages, deaths in the culture / celebrations / unifying and divisive factors / conflicts / dependencies (who needs who) / sources and control of money / traditions or loss of traditions / values

5. Economic organization : job options / businesses / industries / farming / expanding and/or dying activities / economic potentials / competition and co-operation / regional and national influences / housing & building / transport systems / local government

6. Community organizations : political and social groups / power structures / leaders and authority figures / class structures / voluntary and required participation / community consciousness and loyalty / communication channels (who talks to whom) / local print and electronic media / role of schools, colleges and universities / role of religious organizations / entertainment and recreation patterns and options / markets, food, restaurants etc / health services / personal care services / patterns of personal mobility (walking, car, bus etc.) / friendships and enmities / foreigners and other outsiders /


7. Choose a name for you thesis (e.g. Shopkeepers in Chungju; Families in Chungju ....etc.. )

8. Create a set of questions in English related to your thesis topic.

9. Translate the questions into Korean

10. Interview a representative sample of Chungju citizens to get answers to your questions

11. Prepare a written and spoken report on your topic to deliver to the class


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