A Bus to Chungju Terminus
(from Chungju National University) [Location]

Thor May; translation by 박준영

+ Excuse me, how do I get a bus to Chungju terminus?

실례합니다 . 충주터미널 가는 버스 타려면 어떻게 하지요 ?

- When you leave this building, walk out to the road, turn right and go down to the front gate.

이 건물 나가시면 길에서 오른편 정문 쪽으로 가세요 .

+ Is the bus from there?

거기 버스가 서나요 ?

- No, you have to continue a couple of hundred meters out to the highway, and cross it.

아니오 . 큰길 쪽으로 한 이백 미터쯤 더 가서 길을 건너셔야 돼요 .

You'll see a bus shelter.

- 그럼 버스 정류장이 보일 거에요 .

+ How do I know which bus to catch?

어떤 버스를 타야 되죠 ?

- Look for "Chungju Shinae Bus" on the front.

충주시내버스라고 적힌 걸 타세요 .

"Shinae" means 'town centre'.

The fare is 850 won.

요금은 850 원이에요 .

+ How often does it come?

얼마나 자주 다니나요 ?

- About once every ten minutes.

10 분에 한 대 꼴로 다녀요 .


1. Practice the intonation of this dialogue.

2. Draw a map which fits the directions which speaker B gives. This will help your memory.

3. Memorize the dialogue, if possible with a partner. Learn the parts of both speaker A and speaker B.

4. Make a sentence skeleton of the dialogue. That is, just write out the first letter of each word like this : e - m - h - d - i - g - a - b - t - c -j - t ? [ = Excuse me, how do I get a bus to Chung-ju terminus? ].

5. Now cover up the dialogue and try to remember using the sentence skeleton only. Test yourself again tomorrow !

6. Make up a similar dialogue for someone who wants to go from your own apartment to catch a bus to the town centre, or to some other place.

"A Bus To Chungju Terminus" copyrighted to Thor May 2005; all rights reserved

text byThor May; translation by 박준 영
( Wordsworth Translation & Publishing Services, www. wordsworth.co.kr)

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