AESOP'S FABLES in easy English  2 -  Thor May

7. Be Content With Your Natural Abilities

One day an ass heard some grasshoppers chirping and loved the melody.
The ass wished he could sing in the same way.
He asked the grasshoppers what sort of food they lived on.
The ass thought grasshopper food was the secret of their beautiful voices.
The grasshoppers told the ass that they lived on dew.
After that the ass decided that he would only eat dew.
A short time later he died of hunger.

8. No Excuse Will Satisfy A Tyrant

A wolf came upon an unprotected lamb, but didn't eat her immediately.
The wolf decided to find a good excuse to eat the lamb.
He said, "last year you insulted me very much."
The frightened lamb pleaded, "last year I wasn't yet born."
Then the wolf complained, " you feed from my grass".
The lamb trembled, but said, " I have not yet eaten grass".
"Well," snarled the wolf, "you drink from my well."
"Oh no!," bleated the lamb. "I drink only my mother's milk."
The wolf lost patience.
"I must have my supper, whatever you say," he snapped.
Then the wolf grabbed the lamb and ate her

9. You Never Know Who Might Help You In The Future

A lion woke up when a mouse ran over his face.
The angry lion caught the mouse and was about to kill him.
The terrified mouse pleaded with the lion.
He said, "if you spare my life, I am sure I can help you in the future",
The lion laughed at this idea, but let the mouse go.
Not long after, the lion was caught by hunters and tied to the ground.
Then the mouse heard the lion roaring.
He came and gnawed through the ropes holding the lion captive.
"You laughed at the idea I could help you," sighed the mouse.
"Now you can see that even a mouse can help a lion sometimes."

10. Unity Is Strength

A father had sons who were always quarrelling.
They would not listen when he told them about the danger of disagreement.
This father decided to give his sons a practical lesson.
He took a bundle of sticks and asked each son in turn to break the bundle.
None of his sons were able to do this.
Then the father opened the bundle and gave his sons separate sticks.
Of course the sons could break these sticks easily.
The father said, "Our family is like this bundle of sticks.
While we are together, nothing can break us.
When we are divided, our enemies will break us as easily as these sticks."

11. Don't Make An Enemy Carelessly

A boy was hunting for locusts.
He caught many locusts, but then almost picked up a scorpion by mistake.
The scorpion showed his sting, and warned the boy.
"If you picked me up," said the scorpion, "you would lose everything."

12. Where There Is No Need, There Is No Value

A cock was scratching for food for himself and his hens.
Suddenly he found a precious stone, then sighed.
"If a man found this jewel," said the cock, "he would pick it up and be rich.
However, I have found something useless.
I would rather have piece of grain than all the jewels in the world."



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