Topic 99 What Can Australia Do Better? 21 August 2020 [Covid-19 suspension 7 August 2020]

1. What is the first thing you noticed that could/should be improved in Australia? When you go to another country, you can't help comparing it to home. Some things seem better, and some things seem worse.

2. How could Australian houses and apartments be improved?

3. How could Australian public transport be improved?

4. How could Australian schools and universities be improved?

5. How could finding a job in Australia be made easier?

6. How could Australian workplaces be improved?

7. What is an Australian custom that needs to be improved?

8. Should Australians change the standard of what they wear, and where? How?

9. How could the public behaviour of Australians be improved?

10. Australia has the least manufacturing industry of any advanced (OECD) country. How could that be improved?

99 What Can Australia Do Better? ©Thor May 2020