Topic 98 Possessions - Do you need them? 24 July 2020

1. What do you take when you travel? Why? Some people travel the world with just a toothbrush. Others need big suitcases.

2. Do you hate to throw things away? Why/why not? [ I think I still have a copy of every letter and email I ever wrote! - Thor]

3. What is your favourite possession? Why?

4. Do you really want to buy your own house? Why? [Buying a house is the biggest expense you will every have. Some people go into debt for 30 years to buy a house. [I don't really want to buy a house, even though I could]

5. Do you see money as a possession? Why/why not? Billionaires have more money than they can ever spend, but they always want more.

6. Do possessions make you feel secure, or insecure? Why/why not? If you have no possessions you have nothing but your health and freedom to lose.

7. Why do the leaders of some countries want their own country to 'own' more land? Do you agree with this idea? [The borders of most modern countries have changed a lot over time].

8. In some traditional religions, people are supposed to take things with them after they die. What are some examples of this? Do you agree with this idea?

9. Do you like to give things away? Why/why not? Some people are very generous about giving things away. Others are very reluctant to give anything away. What are some English words to describe people like this?

10. What is the emotional effect of losing everything you possess? How could you get over the loss? Millions of people have this experience - through wars, or disasters, or leaving their country, or just bad luck.

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