Topic 95 (ONLINE) Life in Adelaide - The Good and the Bad

Thursday 11 June 2020 (Online) OR Friday 13 June 2020

1. Why did you choose Adelaide as a place to live in?

2. In your experience, what are some of the good things about life in Adelaide?

3. In your experience, what are some things about Adelaide life you don't like much?

4. What are some of the best outdoor experiences around Adelaide?

5. Where are the best places to meet in Adelaide, in your experience?

6. If you were buying a house in Adelaide, what part of the city would you move to?

7. I heard about a Chinese description of Australia as "clean air; clean water; lonely". Is that a good description?

8. News reports about Australia rarely mention Adelaide. It is a forgotten city. What is the reason for this? Is being a forgotten city good or bad? Why?

9. Every year young people leave Adelaide. Retired people come here because it is cheaper. The city only grows from overseas immigrants. What industries could this city build to attract more people?

10. Adelaide used to be called "the city of churches". That is no longer true. Only 19% of the inner city is Christian, and 60% of the whole region. What do you think caused this big change?

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