Topic 93 ONLINE Is it Safe? Who cares? 14 May 2020

1. In your diet, what is safe for your health, and what is unsafe? Would you change your diet?

2. A lot of these two basic foods are very unsafe for your long term health : a) sugar; b) refined carbohydrate (e.g. white bread, white rice etc). Why are they so unsafe? Why are they so popular? [Note: a bottle of soft drink contains about half a cup of sugar].

3. Everyone is very scared of Covid-19 (corona virus) at the moment. Exactly how dangerous is it for a) young people, b) old people? What are some other things in life that are probably more dangerous than Covid-19?

4. Some Australians go on holiday to risky places because they think Australia is too safe and controlled. They want to take risks. Do you agree with them? Where would you go for a risky holiday?

5. Human brains keep developing up to about 25 years old. Caution about taking risks is one of the last things to develop (not for everyone). That is why armies likes young soldiers. What advantages and what costs come to young people taking big risks?

6. Where do you feel safe visiting at night? Where do you feel unsafe? How is this different for different countries?

7. Compare what is safe for your meetup organizer, Thor (Thor is old and ugly), and for a beautiful young woman. How might an ugly old man and a beautiful young woman come to see the world in quite different ways because they face different risks and have different privileges?

8. Since the invention of the motor car, cars have killed more people than all the wars in history. How safe are cars and bicycles in Australia? How safe are they in other countries?

9. In most Australian workplaces there are OH&S regulations (occupational health & safety). You might have to do an OH&S certificate course to get a job. Are regulations like this a good idea? What would be some examples of OH&S regulations in different workplaces?

10. What are the safest topics of conversation (least likely to offend other people)? What is it safe, or not safe, to talk about a) in Australia; b) in another country? Do you take risks in conversation, or do you always play safe?

93 (ONLINE) Is it Safe? Who cares? ©Thor May 2020