Topic 91 Value for Money   21 February 2020

1. Australia is not cheap, but some things are value for money. What, in your opinion, are some examples?

2. Value for money depends partly on what you value. Thor's tastes are usually cheap. (Hopefully that need not mean bad taste ^_^). Thor doesn't care about expensive clothes. How about you? What clothes do you think are value for money?

3. Houses and apartments in Australia are now among the most expensive in the world. Personally I don't think they are value for money. What about your opinion? Will you buy a house or apartment? Why?

4. There is an English idiom: "You get what you pay for". This means that if you pay a lot, the quality will be good. When do you think this is true, and when is it not true?

5. A couple of years ago I flew to India for a dental implant. The air fare, accommodation and the dentistry altogether cost about $1200, and the dental work was good quality. Of course, I was taking a risk, but in the end I got value for money. In Australia the implant would have cost $5000. Would you take a risk like that? Why or why not?

6. 25 years ago in Melbourne I had my eyes Lasik lasered so I no longer had to wear glasses. The operation cost $2000 for each eye, but in my case it was a great success. It was value for (a lot of) money. Many people will not take that risk with their eyes. Would you take that risk? Why or why not?

7. Many people work all of their lives in boring jobs. Often their salary is not good. Even with a good salary I think a boring job is not value for money. Losing time in a boring life is something you can never get back. What is your opinion about this?

8. Australian university education is now really, really expensive. But if you have discipline and a curious mind you can get all that knowledge off the Internet for free. In a university you are really "buying a diploma". Do you think universities are value for money? Why or why not?

9. If you eat most of your meals in restaurants, even expensive restaurants, your diet will never be very good. Restaurants are in business to make money, not to keep you healthy. Cooking myself I eat much better food, even on a pension. So if restaurants are not value for money with food .... what other kind of value are you looking for in restaurants?

10. Tourists pay for many different kinds of holidays. Describe a holiday which you think would be very good value for money.

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