Topic 80 6 September 2019 Getting it done - Part 1: Just You

1. How do you avoid doing things you really don't like doing? [excuses, excuses ... ^_^]

2. How do you force yourself to do things you don't like doing?

3. Habits are supposed to save you time. Is that true? Examples ?

4. What wastes more of your time than anything else? Why?

5. We often see Internet articles like "5 things highly effective people do". Do you really want to be "a highly effective person"? What would you have to change?

6. Do you like to do big projects that need planning and take a long time? Or do you prefer to concentrate on small daily jobs where you can see the results quickly? Why?

7. Some people are very organized, even about their leisure. Others prefer to "just let life flow". Try to describe examples of these kinds of people.

8. Do you think time passes too quickly, or does it pass too slowly? Have you notice some experience that changes your feeling about this?

9. In English we use the word "milestones" to describe big life events or changes or achievements (e.g. birth, graduation, marriage, having children, career promotion, migration, retirement etc.). Talk about a 'milestone' that you look forward to 'getting done' ... or maybe one that you were pleased to 'get done'.

10. In learning English, what gives you a feeling of succeeding and getting it done? Now with English, what makes you feel that you will never be able to say, "ah, I've finally learned this language".

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