Topic 78 9 August 2019 Feelings, Emotions

1. Is it better to hide your feelings, or express them openly? Why and when do you think so?

2. How well do you think other people usually understand your feelings? Is this a problem in moving to a new country?

3. Some Australians lose their temper quite often. However, it is usually a passing storm (you can still be friends afterwards). In some cultures, once tempers are lost, there is no going back. How do people manage anger in your home country? How can you manage the difference in anger habits here?

4. How much do you think diet and exercise affect your emotions? Have you tried to manage your emotions through diet and exercise?

5. What kinds of experience make you cry? Do you ever cry? Is it OK for men to cry in your culture?

6. Huge numbers of people world-wide are now taking drugs for depression. Do you think this is a good idea? What are some other ways of managing depression?

7. Can you find happiness by deliberately looking for it? Or does happiness just come unexpectedly? What do you think is the best way to keep happy?

8. The English word 'love' can mean anything from 'loving chocolate' to the crazy confusion of emotions which comes with 'falling in love' [technically called 'limerence'. Limerence rarely lasts for more than 3 years: biologically long enough to get a baby on its feet]. How many words in other languages do you know for 'love'? Are they as vague as the English word 'love'?

9. Some people don't feel strong emotions, and some cultures encourage this. The word for these people is 'phlegmatic'. Do you think it is good to be phlegmatic? Why or why not?

10. A famous definition of courage is "grace under pressure'. ['grace' here means calm, fair, decent behaviour]. What is your opinion of this definition? How would you define courage?

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