Topic 75 28 June 2019  Habits - Good and Bad

1. What is a good habit that you have? How did you get that habit?

2. What is a bad habit that you have? How did you get that habit?

3. Some religions, like Buddhism, say that you need to free yourself of certain habits, rather than being the prisoner of habits. What do you think of this idea?

4. What is an argument in favour of having habits rather than acting randomly?

5. Some people are impulsive - they do whatever attracts them at the moment. Some are very habit-bound and rarely vary their routines. Where are you on this scale? Why?

6. How can you teach children to have what you think are good habits? Can you give some examples?

7. Some habits cause behaviour which governments might want to control. What are examples of this? How and how much should governments interfere in the personal habits of people?

8. How much do you think that your habits and behaviours might change as you become older or more educated?

9. Can you recall a person, or an experience, which led you to change a habit?

10. Maybe some Australian habits are new to you. What is good or bad about these different habits, in your opinion?

75. Habits - Good and Bad ©Thor May 2019