Topic 74  12 June 2019  Different Kinds of People (practice giving opinions)

Note: This topic is about giving opinions. For personal and cultural reasons, some people dislike giving opinions. Some other people seem to have an opinion about everything. Just for this meetup, try to give interesting opinions, even if you usually don't give opinions.

1. We can divide people in 1000 ways - big/small; Australian born/born overseas; rich/poor; and so on. Now please think of something dividing people. Give your opinion about the people on each side of the division you made. What is your reason for that opinion?

2. What kinds of people do you like? Why?

3. What kinds of people do you dislike? Why?

4. What kinds of people do you trust? Why?

5. What kinds of people don't you trust? Why?

6. What do you think are the qualities of a good friend?

7. What kind of person would you like to be? Why?

8. In your opinion what kinds of people are most likely to migrate to Australia? What kinds of people are least likely to migrate?

9. We often say that some people have good taste and some people have bad taste. What, in your opinion, is an example of good taste? Explain your reasons. [ Note: the meaning of 'taste' here is not about food! This word 'taste' means judgement about good design, clothes, saying the right thing in social situations etc ].

10. One way to divide people is a) creators & inventors Vs b) spectators & consumers. Why do you think a) is less common than b)? Can you learn to be a creator & inventor?

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