Topic 71 3 May 2019  You Are A Tour Guide


1. Imagine you are a tour guide for a group of really simple-minded tourists ^_^. Explain to them where you are going to take them today, the timetable, what's for lunch etc. Be careful to make everything very clear. [This doesn't have to be in Adelaide]

2. OK, your are at a tourist attraction you know very well. Tell the people who are following you everything you know about it. [Conversation partner: ask some questions about this place].

3. You are talking with another tourist guide about the people you have been leading. Make up some jokes and stories about this group of people.

4. What are your complaints about your job as a tourist guide?

5. What do you like about your job as a tourist guide?

6. You are going to take some tourists on a three day bus trip. Many of them have crazy ideas about what they need to take, or not take. Give them some advice.

7. A few of the people you are guiding disappear for three hours. You are rather worried. Then they reappear and are very drunk. What do you say to them?

8. Usually the people in your tour groups are rather similar. Usually they are about the same age and speak the same language. Today though you have young people and old people from quite different cultures. Some of them are getting angry with other people in the group. Give all these people a little speech to calm them down.

9. Maybe as a tour leader you are a rather pretty woman. Some of the guys in your group are getting too fresh (trying to make sexy suggestions). What do you say to discourage them, without making anyone angry?

10. Today your annual vacation begins. You have been leading tour groups for a year, but now this is your turn for a holiday. What are you going to do for the next two weeks?


71. You Are A Tour Guide ©Thor May 2019