Topic 69   5 April 2019  Getting Bigger, Getting Smaller, Coming Closer, Going Further

1. (Useless knowledge ^_^) - How many centimetres does your hair grow in a month? Your fingernails?

2. How many kilograms of fat do most people add per year after 30? A prediction for yourself? Why are people around the world getting fatter?

3. What was Australia's population in 1945, in 1970, in 2000? Now? Is it increasing too quickly?

4. How many years for you is "a long time"? Was your idea of "a long time" different when you were 5 years old? Why?

5. When money buys less it is called "inflation". How much less can you buy with $10 now compared to when you were a kid? Is inflation good or is it bad? Why?

6. In Adelaide, the number of daylight hours changes with the season. How many hours of daylight are there on the longest day (the summer solstice, 22 December, 2019)? How many hours of daylight are there on the shortest day (the winter solstice, June 22, 2019)? How do your habits change at these different times of the year?

7. Restaurant meals in some countries and cultures are bigger or smaller than in other places. What is your opinion about this?

8. From teen years many people become short sighted (myopia). Old people sometimes become more long sighted (hyperopia). What causes these vision changes? What can you do about it? Will it affect you?

9. For you, what is the difference between "a close friend", "a friend", and "an acquaintance" ?

10. Personal space is very different in different cultures. Often it is different between men and women too. When do you feel that someone is standing too close to you, as a) a friend; b) a stranger? What do you do when someone comes too close to your 'personal space'? [I remember being amazed in Indonesia when I saw two policemen walking down the street hand in hand].

11. Can you think of some other questions for the topic, "Getting Bigger, Getting Smaller, Coming Closer, Going Further"?

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