Topic 60  16 November 2018  Animals and Plants

1. What are some animals which have been in your life as a child and adult (not the human kind ^_^)? [None, you say? Well even a mosquito is an animal ...]

2. What kinds of plants do you like? Why?

3. What kinds of animals do you like? Why?

4. What are some plants you can only find in Australia?

5. What are some animals you can only find in Australia?

6. What plants and animals have been brought to Australia from other countries?

7. Some people think we should only eat plants, not animals (they are vegetarians). What is your opinion about this?

8. 92% of Australian kids in one survey did not know bananas grew on plants ( ). Why do you think many kids are so ignorant? What can we do about it?

9. Many kinds of animals and plants are disappearing because of more & more people. Is this important? What can we do about it? [""Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, report finds" The Guardian @ )

10. 'Arable land' means land used to grow things on. Only about 6% of Australia is arable (12% of China, 16.6% for USA, 36% of Britain, 2.2% of New Zealand). Why do you think so little of Australia is arable land? Does that stop too many people living here?


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