Topic 58  2 November 2018  What are you afraid of?


1. What is the biggest fear in your life (.. or is that a secret?)

2. What kind of people do you fear most? Why? (.. My life experience has taught me to fear cowards. They will betray you.]

3. Do you fear losing your job, or not being able to get a job? Talk a little about this.

4. Before you came to Australia, was there anything in this country you were afraid of? Why?

5. What Australian animals on the land or in the sea or air might you be afraid of? What would you do if you met one?

6. In a lot of countries (e.g. USA) many people are very afraid of getting sick because there is no national health insurance, or very weak insurance. e.g. Most bankruptcies in America are caused by people getting sick. How do you think that national health insurance changes the way people live their lives?

7. What is something in world events between countries that might make you afraid? Why?

8. Your cell phone can watch you and listen to you, even if you think it is turned off. Does technology like this make you afraid? What can you do about it?

9. Many people fear getting old and dying. What is your opinion about this?

10. A 'phobia' is a psychological condition about fearing something. For example 'acrophobia' means fear of being in a high place, 'claustrophobia' is fear of being in a closed space, 'arachnophobia' is fear of spiders ... and so on. What are some other phobias you know about? Do you have any phobias?

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