Topic 53 10 August 2018   The Hardest Things to Do


1. For me, the hardest thing to do every morning is 60 pushups. I always look for an excuse not to do them. What is the hardest thing for you to do every day?

2. Some people think that life should be about maximum pleasure seeking. They are called sensualists. Some people think you get the best satisfaction in the end from some physical and mental self-discipline. They are called ascetics (or stoics when it is tolerating bad luck and a lack of comfort). Where are you on a scale of 1 (sensualist) to ascetic (5)? Why? [A good ascetic blog is by a Californian biochemist]

3. Usually it is very hard to get everything you want. To get one thing, you have to give up something else (= 'opportunity cost'). What are some examples of opportunity cost that have happened in your life? How do you choose?

4. Once a week for 24 hours, from dinner time to dinner time, I fast (have nothing to eat). Sometimes this is easy and sometimes it is quite hard. I'm not fat, but this seems to make me feel better. What is your opinion of diets? Are they a good idea or a waste of time?

5. Sometimes it is very hard to tell someone that they are making a mistake. What do you think is the best solution? Think of a real example.

6. There is too much interesting stuff on the Internet (well, I think so). It seems very hard not to lose the whole day on the Internet or social media. Is this a problem for you? What is the best solution?

7. Some lucky people really like their jobs. For them working is like a holiday. Others think their work is OK, but not exciting. Probably the largest number of people don't like their jobs at all. For them, going to work every day is hard. How can you make your daily life 'good enough' if you really don't like your job?

8. Some people seem to find it pretty easy to make good friends, or find girlfriends/boyfriends. Others find this very, very hard. Why do you think people are so different with this? What is the best solution for those who have trouble making friends?

9. As an Australian, I try to treat people as equals, not higher and not lower. This caused me trouble in East Asian cultures sometimes, where everyone is socially 'higher' or 'lower' (this is called social hierarchy). It was hard for me to adapt to hierarchy. Is hierarchy ever a problem for you? What is your solution?

10. Usually when people move to a new country, their hearts are in two places. Maybe they like the new country, but there is a lot they miss about the old country. For you, what would be the hardest thing to lose if you move from your home country?



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