Topic 50 29 June 2018   People I like, and the others ...


1. What kind of people do you like?

2. What first attracts you to another person?

3. Is liking the same as trusting? Why or why not?

4. Can you trust your first impressions, or do you think liking someone can grow gradually? Why/why not?

5. Is liking someone all that is needed for close friendship? What else do you look for?

6. Can you find another character very interesting, even though you don't admire or like them? Think of an example.

7. Some people say that women are more likely to have close friends than men. Do you think this is true? Why might it be true?

8. Some people have hundreds of 'friends' on Facebook etc, while others have only a few 'friends' like this. Why is this so? What can you learn (or not learn) from how many Facebook friends a person has?

9. Can you actually like someone you often disagree with? How do you explain this, if it is true?

10. Between genders (man/woman) in Australia, things have changed somewhat in my lifetime for ordinary friendship (not romance). Individuals always vary a lot in this, but when I was young it was more likely that if a boy and a girl were friends, that usually (not always) meant boyfriend/girlfriend. Now, quite often, boy/girl friendships just mean they are platonic (no sex) friends. What do you think about this in your own life? I think it is probably still true in Australia that if a man is single he is less likely than a married couple to be invited to dinner by other married couples. What do you think about this?


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