Topic 4.  19 August 2016 :  INVESTIGATION! How to ask questions

We will practice asking questions. The answers you get in life depend upon how clever your questions are. If you can't ask good questions then you become a zombie!  Work in pairs: one person is the interrogator (questionar), one is the person being questioned. Examples:


1. You are investigating a crime. (Describe the crime before you make up questions).

2. You think somebody is a spy. Ask questions to trap them.

3. There has been a terrible accident. You are a journalist. Ask questions about the accident.

4. You own a shop. One of your employees is stealing money. What questions will you ask them?

5. You have a teenage son or daughter. They have been out all night without asking you. What questions will you ask them?

6. You come from a hot country but you are going to a very cold country. What questions will you ask your friend before you go.

7. You are very attracted to a man or woman but are too embarrassed to talk to them at first. What questions might you ask someone else who knows them?

8.  You have never been out of the city before, but your car breaks down in the countryside. What questions might you ask a local farmer?

9. You have an idea for starting a new business, but you have never tried to start a business before. What questions might you ask an advisor?

10. Your boyfriend or girlfriend thinks you have no fashion sense. They are embarrassed to be seen with you. What questions can you ask about how to be more fashionable?


4. Investigation! - How to Ask Qustions ©Thor May 2016