Topic 47 18 May 2018  I don't understand this place!


1. Why are the shops closed when I need them?

2. Why do Australians drive on the left hand side of the road? (.. and walk on the left hand side of the footpath?)

3. Why do you have to wear a helmet to ride a bicycle? (In many countries you don't).

4. The average Australian is in debt for 218% of their annual income. Why?

5. 63% of Australians are overweight and 28% are obese. Why? Was it always like this?

6. Most Australians are friendly on the surface but have few close friends. Why?

7. Most Australians will help a stranger in need (e.g. lost, sudden illness in the street, car broken down), but they don't expect any special thanks for this. Is helping strangers common everywhere in the world? Why/why not?

8. Australian speech is almost the same everywhere in Australia. Why? In many countries (including USA and England) there are very different dialects in different regions, but not in Australia.

9. Skilled people coming to Australia often have trouble finding work in their professions. Why?

10. In Australia you can have dual nationality (have a passport for Australia and another country), but dual nationals (more than half the people in Australia) can't be a member of the Federal Parliament. Why? Do you think this should change?


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