Topic 45 20 April 2018   Tourism


1. 100 years ago most tourism was only for rich people. Now we have 'mass tourism'. What are some good and bad things about mass tourism?

2. Here are some special kinds of tourism (often more expensive than mass tourism): adventure tourism, eco-tourism, cruise ship tourism, sex tourism, 3rd World assistance tourism, cycling tourism, mountain climbing tourism, skin diving tourism, art gallery tourism, 'independent traveller' tourism, study tourism, ... [think of some more]. What are some good and bad things about each of these kinds of tourism?

3. Most kinds of tourism are labour intensive. That is, tourism employs many people. This can bring a lot of money and opportunity to countries. However tourism jobs also have some problems. What are these problems?

4. When a lot of tourists come to a place where there were few people before, this can have a big effect on local wildlife (animals, birds) and on the environment. Can you think of some examples where tourists have changed the local environment a lot?

5. How much do you think most people really care about the countries or regions they visit as tourists?

6. If you watch tourists at a 'famous place' most of them seem to think that taking a 'selfie' photo is the most important part of being there. Why do you think they act like this?

7. Many countries have special projects to build tourist attractions. This can mean improving access to scenic sites. It can also mean rebuilding ancient buildings. In China I have seen workmen building "ancient villages" which are obviously fake, as well as imitation 'European streets' etc. Do you think that creating such places is a good way to teach people history, or is it just a way to teach fake history?

8. Back-packers sometimes call themselves 'travellers' and claim to be really mixing and learning about other countries. They say they are different from 'tourists' who just want an exotic location to relax, and know nothing about local cultures. How genuine is the difference between 'travellers' and 'tourists' ?

9. At this moment approximately 500,000 people are in aeroplanes in the sky. When I was a child (1945 on) very few people flew anywhere. What effect do you think this huge amount of airline traffic has on the environment and cultural development?

10. The Australian government (and other governments) publish special warnings about countries they consider it unwise or dangerous for Australians to visit. How many people do you think ignore warnings like this. What do you think about tourists who deliberately go to war zones for 'excitement'?


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