Topic 43 23 March 2018 Help me to buy a house and furnish it

1. Where would you like to live in Adelaide? Why?

2. What suburbs would you avoid in Adelaide? Why?

3. What kind of house or apartment would you like to buy? Why?

4. If you are buying an old house or a new house, what questions will you ask the agent, the council, and the building inspector?

5. What is the difference between a high maintenance property and a low maintenance property?

6. Describe how you would like to furnish the different rooms in your house.

7. My mother never ever locked doors and windows in her house (she thought that was unfriendly). Some owners are obsessed with locks, alarms and other 'security'. What balance of security and openess are you comfortable with in a house? Why?

8. When is it better to rent a house, and when is it better to buy? Why?

9. After you own a house or apartment, how much do you think it will cost you each year for council rates, water, electricity, gas, sewerage, internet, common property fees (in an apartment) and maintenance? After paying these, how much advantage do you have over renting? If you have a mortgage, how much will that cost you every month?

10. How is owning or renting a house in Australia different from the system in other countries? Think, for example, of the building standards, the laws, the costs, the relationship with officials, and how well you know your neighbours. 

43. Help me to buy a house and furnish it ©Thor May 2018