Topic 40, 9 February 2018  Sell it to me ! English for persuading people

[notes: a) When you are persuading someone, you need to remember how THEY think and feel. Everyone is different. b) In this topic, use your imagination!!]

1. How do you persuade an unwilling child to do something they don't want? (e.g. go to bed, eat dinner, be quiet etc). [Think of the words you use]

2. How do you persuade a friend or partner to do something, even if they would rather do something else? (e.g. go out, help in the house, watch a movie etc) [Think of the words you use]

3. Imagine you are a teenager. You want to go out late to a show but your parents say no. What will you say to persuade them?

4. Pretend you are selling something. Sell your conversation partner something you can see in the room. (You can tell lies !)

5. You are selling someone a second hand car or a second hand phone. Make up a sales pitch and sell it to your conversation partner.

6. The best way to sell something is to ask questions. Why? Then you find out what the buyer really wants. Imagine you are a furniture seller. Ask your conversation partner questions to find out how they would really like to furnish their house. The explain what you have in the shop to satisfy their needs.

7. If I am trying to persuade you, what kind of approach will work best on your personality?

8. Governments often try to persuade people to do some things they don't like; (e.g. pay more tax, fight a war, stop smoking etc). What kind of government persuasion do you think works best?

9. Imagine you have a job writing advertisements ( = copywriting). Make up an advertisement for selling shoes.

10. A shopkeeper checks your bag and accuses you of stealing something from the shop. Make up a conversation with your partner. Person 1 : you are the shopkeeper; Person 2: you are a shopper. Try to persuade the shopkeeper that you did not steal the item.


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