Topic 38, 12 January 2018 What will you eat, what do you refuse?

1. What is your favourite food? Can you describe the taste?

2. Do you eat for flavour, or for health, or for appearances and atmosphere (e.g. in a restaurant)? Explain why.

3. What do you refuse to eat, sometimes or always? Why?

4. People growing up in Australia often eat from many national cuisines. However immigrants often eat only the food of their home country. Why? What about yourself?

5. Australia has become one of the fattest populations on earth (though not as fat as Americans). What do you think is the reason for this? What can we do about it?

6. What are some foods that you can get in your home country but not in Australia? Do you think there would be a market for these foods in Australia?

7. In some European countries people usually drink wine with meals every day. Do you think that this is a good custom? Why or why not?

8. Fresh fruit and vegetables can come directly from a farmer, from a farmers' market, from a greengrocer (fruit & vegetable shop), or from a supermarket. Where do you usually buy? Who do you prefer to buy from? Why?

9. 90 years ago my mother was taught that in a proper 'English dinner', the main course contained a white vegetable, a yellow vegetable, a green vegetable and meat. Before the main course there was often soup, and after the main course there was usually a sweet desert. What is in a traditional dinner in your country? What do you prefer to serve when guests come?

10. Is home cooking usually better or worse for your diet than restaurant food? Why do you think that?


38. What will you eat, what do you refuse? ©Thor May 2018