Topic 37x*: 9 December 2017: Out and About

1. Sydney is usually called an outdoor & beach city because of the nice weather and great beaches. Melbourne is usually called an indoor & cafe city because of the crazy weather and 'European' architecture. How should we describe Adelaide?

2. What is your favourite outdoor activity? Why? How often do you do this?

3. Where have you been in South Australia outside of Adelaide city centre? Where do you plan to go?

4. To reach most interesting outdoor places in Australia, you really need a car. Do you expect to drive in Australia, or are you already driving? What is the main problem with cars for you? [note: Old cars can be quite cheap, if you know what you are buying. However, repair costs are very high and good mechanics can be hard to find].

5. In your home country, were you an outdoor person or an indoor person? Why?

6. Do you prefer the mountains or the seaside or just picnicking by a river? Why?

7. Australia has more birds than almost any other country. How many bird species do your recogize? What is the bird life like in your home country?

8. The Australian bush is usually safe, if you have water and are not lost. What are some possible dangers in the bush?

9. For many people in Adelaide, mass spectator sport, especially football, is almost like a religion. Even the public transport is free when big matches are on. Do you find this strange, or is it similar where you come from? Would you feel comfortable going to football matches etc?

10. Learning & study is actually more efficient when you are standing rather than sitting. How successful do you think a "walk and talk school for learning languages" might be?


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